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the face behind
face by eleanor. 

Founded by skin specialist, Eleanor Picken, Face by Eleanor it is the destination for carefully curated facial treatments combining science with a unique, holistic approach. 


A true skin enthusiast, Eleanor is a firm believer that skin health starts from the inside.


“I truly believe that with clarity comes confidence and I’m deeply passionate about empowering my clients to feel radiant from the inside out. A good day starts with good skin and I love making my client’s skin-spirations a reality.”

With over 10 years experience in the beauty industry, Eleanor has treated a variety of skin conditions, fuelling her passion for customisation and individual results.   


“No two skins are the same and I’m a huge advocate for rejuvenating the skin at a meaningful level to suit the client, their skin type and their individual concerns.”


Located in in the heart of Camden, Face by Eleanor offers a high-end, intimate experience like no other. Eleanor’s standard of excellence and her dedication to optimum skin health shines through in her salon, fusing a spa like ambience with a refreshing, results-based beauty experience. 


Eleanor is proud to bring her revolutionary treatments to market. Never before seen in the Camden area (and beyond), her signature ‘Foundation Facial’ combines low level laser with micronised hyaluronic acid to restore and rebuild the skin while boosting natural collagen and elastin responses. Renowned for its unrivalled glow, it’s the skin-vestment Eleanor swears by.  


“Skin is more in focus than ever before and there is such an appetite for achieving strong, resilient, naturally radiant skin.  The days of quick fix treatments are gone and I’m so excited to educate and empower my clients through potent products paired with a profound partnership.”


A lifelong Camden local and Mother to two gorgeous girls, Eleanor is proud to show them that home is where the heart is and there is no greater joy than following your passion. 

Image by Olga Thelavart
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